Live arts + Covid = Adapt to survive

As of September 2020, the Sexual Health Circus has been successful in receiving an emergency COVID grant for existing grantees from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. We were also successful in being awarded an Arts Council England Project Grant. These grants have enabled the Sexual Health Circus to adapt, survive and thrive in a new COVID-secure world by creating an educational video of the SHC show.

We feel that now more than ever, sexual health education is vital for young people, particularly as many students will have had extended periods of time away from their schools.

That’s why we are not only developing an updated version of our live show (hopefully to tour from March 2021), but also creating a new educational video of the show to distribute to schools around the country. This will include 5 Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) lesson plans covering 10 topics adapted from the new RSE curriculum. We hope this new digital offering will bring the Sexual Health Circus and the exciting, intriguing and creative ways in which we teach to a larger and COVID-secure audience.